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Dedicated to connecting you with the soul energy at the core of your being.

The Angelic Key

A very long time ago, a soul agreed to incarnate into the most amazing life form. I’m not sure if this was an easy decision for her to make or if she had to ponder long upon all the likely consequences of this most extraordinary of incarnations. Perhaps, as the evolved, ancient soul she undoubtedly is, such a radical decision required not a moment of hesitation as she trusted so completely in her divine purpose.

It took eons to weave her soul light into the complex body she was going to inhabit. Countless dimensions were woven into the fabric of her Imagebeing so that she encapsulated the Everything of the universe she now existed in. She was an act of perfect creation and her soul remains a true likeness of the Source from which it came.

We know her as Mother Earth, planetary soul, and all life on this planet springs from her. Her coming into being, her birth, was overseen by a community of beings who dwell very near to the source of divine light. Some people refer to them as the Elohim, the higher collective who work on God’s behalf. The Elohim embody the creative spark of the Divine and continually manifest new creations through which God can experience and explore itself. They are truly co-creators with the Divine and their ceaseless work is in providing a well-spring of creation in this universe from which hugely diverse forms of life can exist, experience and create their own realities.

Mother Earth is a special creation. She is host and mother to countless life forms that dwell within the dimensions of her being. Just look at how highly complex our world, this bio-sphere is, with all its plants, insects, animals, and humans interacting and affecting each other within the eco-systems that Mother Earth strives to create balance from in order that we can all thrive and grow. This is the ultimate in multi-tasking and she not only strives for balance here, but tries to also balance our third dimensional world with all the other realms of existence that share her being.

To be host and mother is not without its perks. All life here grows through her and there must be a continual ecstasy of life force passing through her into creation. Also, helping to oversee the evolution of life upon the planet her soul inhabits must be a tremendously exciting adventure. Does Mother Earth or the Elohim ever truly know what is going to come out of the oven from the ingredients they put into the mixing bowl?

Soul Vehicles
I do know that the Elohim are very interested in evolution. The energy of creation desires both growth and evolution. The Elohim are particularly interested in the evolution of species that might be able to accommodate a soul. This was high on the list of priorities when this planet was created. Souls are a wonderfully innovative way for God, a consciousness that knows itself completely, to explore and experience itself in a new way. The soul is an individuated portion of God that retains its connection to the Oneness, while exploring its own identity and free will. God grows through our experiences of being part of God. Now, for souls to grow and evolve, they need lots of different states of being to experience. Taking on a physical vehicle is one such way, but it requires a physical vehicle that has the potential to house the awareness and higher consciousness of the soul and have the necessary sensory and communicative tools for the soul to express and explore its being through that vehicle.

Finding a species with this kind of potential isn’t easy. However, I think the Elohim already had the human form in mind when Planet Earth was created, as this type of being already existed in other parts of the universe. The human form ticks many of the boxes as far as experiential vehicles go and, with the right evolutionary influences at the right times, it could even have the potential to become the perfect soul vehicle for physical exploration.

Connecting the soul to the human form didn’t happen over night. From the raw materials, if you like, the Elohim genetically modified our species and introduced DNA from selected races in other parts of the universe. As with all living things, the evolving human form already had a subtle energy field containing an etheric layer with the blueprints for growth and development. The Elohim radically enhanced this subtle energy field to give it the higher functions necessary for union with a soul. This included a greatly enhanced auric energy field for physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual awareness.

The Elohim brought an eternity of expertise to this project and had the powers of the universe at their disposal. Creating the right conditions for growth was crucial and, at various times in human development, the planet’s magnetic field was disabled in order for solar radiation and cosmic rays to influence our development. For example, there’s a theory that about 700,000 years ago, a meteorite exploded over the Indian Ocean, completely knocking out the earth’s magnetic field. Without its protective shield, humankind was then bombarded by cosmic rays for a prolonged period of time. This theory states that due to the influence of cosmic ray absorption, humankind then evolved more in the next 500,000 years than it had in the previous 3 million years.

After a long process of “tinkering” and slow cooking in cosmic energies, the Elohim decided at some point that biological evolution had reached an adequate level for soul incarnation. That must have been a momentous time. The first pioneering souls would weave their light into the human fabric and try to become one with it and exist through it. I can’t comprehend the experience those first souls must have had.

However, the Elohim knew that the real challenges still lay ahead. Knitting the soul to the human form was never going to be easy. The soul had to literally learn how to divide its perfect, highly complex self into certain very simple component parts so that it could interface with this basic human vehicle. From our perspective, the human being is a glorious and beautiful biological creation, but in comparison to the soul, it is just a sensory vehicle. The human form couldn’t accommodate all that the soul is. Not then and not now. But the Elohim saw the potential in this union and knew that at some point in the future, humankind would reach the necessary stage in evolution when its form would be ready to accommodate the soul’s higher consciousness and immortality. It was just a matter of time. So, I guess, you can view our history as humankind and soul kind struggling like ungainly dance partners to unify with each other. Soul kind has had to wait patiently while our energy fields mature to a level where its higher energies can be channelled into our beings in a pure form. Our chakra systems continually stepping down, diluting the higher energies we receive so that our dense forms don’t blow a fuse.

The Angelic Key
How would you feel if, as the adult that you are, you had to experience life through the body, mind and emotions of a toddler? That could be similar to the challenge that those first souls had to experience. Yet, the ever-resourceful Elohim had encountered such problems with the evolutionary process before and knew of a way to create a bridge between human and soul so that humankind could “feel” the presence of the higher consciousness of the soul and intuitively channel this presence more strongly into its physical form. The Elohim used angels. That’s what your guardian angel is for. It’s a powerful energy field that connects you to your higher self, your soul. It can by-pass much of “the human condition” with its turbulent feelings and destructive thought patterns and connect you to the clarity and peace at your soul level. Your guardian angel can also connect you to the intuitive powers of your soul allowing you to experience many of the creative gifts your soul enjoys.

Though angelic energies exist everywhere in creation, not all beings in the universe have guardian angels. Guardian angels aid species that are evolving into soul vehicles. Just as angels supervise the growth of plants so that they are given the best possible help in realising their potential, so guardian angels help humankind to fulfil the enormous potential of their blueprint.

The importance of the angelic bridge between humankind and Imagesoul kind was widely recognised by many ancient spiritual disciplines that sought to commune with angels in order to accelerate their spiritual development. They knew that angelic energy can create the right energy environment around us for accelerated spiritual evolution and unification with our soul. Though guardian angels do much to aid our development anyway, they can only go so far before infringing on our free will. Therefore, by inviting guardian angels to actively help in the evolutionary process, you permit them to use the full range of their powers and create the most amazing bond between you and your soul.

The Elohim placed huge potential for evolution within the etheric energy of our DNA. I believe that this potential is shortly to become fully realised for some of our race in the most extraordinary leap of evolution humankind has ever undergone. The angelic realms have been working towards this point in time for millions of years. Your guardian angel holds the blueprints for this magnificent new being: an eternal soul in human form with complete cosmic awareness and all the powers of higher consciousness. It has these blueprints right now but, for this, the final great leap in evolution, it needs your conscious consent. You cannot be passive at this stage in our evolution. I feel that only those who are actively involved in this process and who are putting their energy into this transformation have the hope of moving forward towards this new, incredible state of being.

The bridge to our souls
It’s time to really strengthen that bridge between us and our souls. In meditation, always start by asking your guardian angel to connect you to your higher self. Be patient, wait for the energies to gather. Then, invite your soul light to fill your being. Be patient, follow the flow of your breath, try to empty your mind and just “be”. With time, you’ll begin to recognise how your soul energy feels. Be open to it. Let it fill you. Try to be an open channel. We really need to feel the presence of our souls in our lives. We need to become intuitively self-guiding.

We are witnessing the final phase of in a remarkable process of development. We are witnessing the transition towards a perfect physical expression of a soul. We need our guardian angels to help us through this part of the process. Our guardian angels hold the key to unlocking the secrets of our DNA. With our consent and spiritual participation, they can now slowly transform our energy fields and chakra systems to utilise pure universal energy. The chakras will no longer need to step down or dilute this energy. This pure form of energy will activate our etheric DNA so that we can realise the potential of our original blueprints, and with the help and guidance of our guardian angels, we can truly become the beings we were always meant to be.

© David Hand 2008

This article first appeared in the Midsummer issue of as part of the 'Diary of a Psychic' series
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